We are very grateful to all our supporters for keeping the Legacy of May Gibbs alive.

Over the years, May Gibbs’ Nutcote has received the support of a great many people and organisations. In the early 1980s, when there was a national campaign to ‘Save Nutcote for the Nation’, people from all over Australia who had been touched by May Gibbs and her legacy, were inspired to help the cause.

Nutcote’s staunchest current supporter remains North Sydney Council, which helps with the maintenance of the heritage house and Gardens in accordance with the Joint Plan of Management.

North Sydney Council purchased Nutcote in 1990 for $2.86 million and leases the property to The Nutcote Trust. In May 1994, following restoration largely funded by the May Gibbs Foundation (now The Nutcote trust), Nutcote opened to the public as a House Museum and Gardens.


Stanton Library in North Sydney 

Stanton Library hold a collection of May Gibbs items and staff assist with historical and collection management advice.



For their significant contribution in helping to save ‘Nutcote for the Nation’ thanks to:

The Commonwealth Government of Australia, NSW Ministry for the Arts, Ms Juliana Bayfield-Archbold, Ms June Bowman & Mr Brian Bowman, Ms Jane Brummitt, Ms Jean Chapman, Ms Ros Creighton, Mr John Gibbs, Mr Ken Gibbs, Ms Dorothy Griffiths, Ms Ann Haddon, Ms Jean Hart, Ms Yvonne Hyde OAM, Mr Peter Kingston, Mr Ted Mack, Ms Christobel Mattingley, Rupert Myer Foundation North Sydney Leagues Club, Ms Elizabeth Parker, Dr Neil & Mrs Marian Shand OAM, Mr Martin Sharp, Ms Maureen Walsh, Mr John & Mrs Helen Wood.

For assistance with providing objects on display in the House Museum, our thanks to:

Ms Ellaine Arneil, Ms Jean Chapman, Mr David and Ms Maree Cumming, Ms Joan Hall, Mr Andrew Lee, Ms Elizabeth Parker, The May Gibbs Foundation, Dr Anne Ridley, Dr Neil and Mrs Marian Shand OAM, Mr Patrick Spedding, Ms Linda Evans and Mr John and Mrs Helen Wood.

For assistance with the original restoration work undertaken at May Gibbs’ Nutcote, thanks to:

Cadry’s Oriental and Persian Carpets, The Children’s Book Council of Australia, Craftsman Furniture Centre Antique Restorations, International Conservation Services, The Natural Gas Company, Porters Original Limewash Company, Howard Tanner and Associates, and Weldon Publishing.

For their significant contribution in donation to developing our website, Thanks to:

Keo for website design and sponsorship, Stephanie Lake, Amanda Lee, Jane Brummitt, Jo-Anne Avellano and Katherine Hopcroft.

We would also like to thank the following authors:

Maureen Walsh May Gibbs – Mother of the Gumnuts Sydney University Press 2007.
Jean Chapman A Day With May Gibbs at Nutcote Margaret Hamilton Books Pty Ltd 1993.
Robert Holden & Jane Brummitt May Gibbs – More than a Fairytale Hardie Grant Books 2011.

We are very grateful to our supporters for keeping the legacy of May Gibbs alive. 




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