We welcome school groups to Nutcote, introducing students to the works of May Gibbs and fostering a love of Australian art and literature

Students will learn about the famous Australian writer and illustrator, May Gibbs who lived and worked in Neutral Bay, Sydney during the 1920's. Students will be guided through her house and gardens as well as encouraged to engage with their own stories through writing and drawing. Each excursion is catered to the year group and their stage. 

We provide PDF documents for printing to allow teachers to have guidance before and during the visit.

To find out more please contact us.

Key excursion themes:

  • May Gibbs and her impact on Australia 
  • Aspects of the past that are still visible today 
  • How life has changed since the 1920's 
  • Story writing and storytelling

Students will:

  • Be guided through the historical house of May Gibbs and experience history firsthand 
  • Understand and compare Sydney in the 1920's with their own lives 
  • Explore the impact May Gibbs had on Australian identity 



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